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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria, the 2021 Management Forum and AGM originally to be held in Bendigo was held as an on-line webinar event. 

Date: 21st September 2021
Time: 9.30 AM START (AGM start 4.30pm)

The Management Forum had a special focus on Zero Emission Buses (ZEB’s). The event was an ideal opportunity for members to learn about ZEB’s: what they are, how they work, what options will be available to operators when they do their bus replacements come 2025, and what the ramifications are of their deployment into the fleet, such as maintenance, skills and scheduling. The Forum also featured presentations on accident investigations and COVID Vaccinations in the Workplace as these were pertinent industry issues. 


Recordings of the sessions are available members via the button below. You must be logged in to your member account to view this page.

Session Recordings



Below are PDF versions of the slideshow presentations.

ZEB Session 1

Introduction to ZEB’s – Options and Implications - Professor David Hensher.

ZEB Session 2

Powering ZEB’s. 
Electric – Bruce Hanslo, James Clarke, Energy Australia.
Hydrogen – Geoff Drucker, Countrywide Renewable Hydrogen

ZEB Session 3

Financial Implications for Operators Running ZEB’s. Matthew Wilson, Pitcher Partners.

ZEB Session 4

Service Planning for a Zero Emission Bus Fleet. Russell Lane, CEO PBA Transit Planning.

ZEB Session 5 

ZEB Speed Dating. A series of 5-minute presentations from various OEMs on their ZEB buses.





Scania Video - https://youtu.be/AZJk6AiD-6Y


Accident Investigations 

Accident Investigations – What Operators Should Expect. Chris McKeown, Office of the Chief Investigator.

COVID, Vaccinations and the Workplace 

COVID, Vaccinations and the Workplace - Chris Gianatti, KHQ.

Social Strategies Committee Update 

Social Strategies Committee Update - Julia Evans (BAV Independent Board Member).