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BusVic commissions research that academically underpins the social, environmental and economic benefits associated with increased government investment in bus and coach infrastructure and services. BusVic also regularly gives presentations around the world in representing same. 

Reports and articles currently available.

2023 Submission to the NDIS Review: Maintain the status quo with specialist school student transportation - C. Lowe, Feb 2023

2022 Connecting People Victoria

D@RT Journal Article - Transport Industry Adapting to Change: An Australian Case Study - Lowe / Stanley 

Bus companies and roadworthiness: an in-depth analysis of the factors influencing inspection and incident outcomes - J. Qiu (Monash University)

BusVic Submission to: Economy and Infrastructure Committee Inquiry into Extending School Buses for Use by the Wider Public to Enhance Mobility of Regional and Rural Victorians. - C. Lowe, April 2021

Comparative Assessment of Zero Emission Electric and Hydrogen Buses in Australia

Transitioning Victoria’s bus industry to zero emission buses: Handbook for operators

Investigating a new approach to market change measurement in public transport - P. Blake (Monash University)

Getting to the Bus Stop - Victoria Walks / BusVic, September 2021

The Roles and Responsibilities of Bus Operators during Bushfires and Floods - C. Lowe & J. Qiu, June 2021

Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons for the Victorian Bus Industry - S. Dawson

Annual Bus Roadworthy Inspections: Evidence-based assessment of impact of proposed inspection procedures on safety and cost - J. Qiu, D. Logan & J. Oxley (Monash University), April 2021

Special School Bus Service Study – Summary Report - Prof G. Currie & Dr. J. Reynolds (Public Transport Research Group), March 2021

Bowling Together Social Equity and the Special School Bus for Students with an Impairment - Janet Stanley (NIEIR), November 2021

Developer-led buses – a solution for growth area transport needs? - A Kroen, S. Pemberton, R Goodman & C. De Gruyter (RMIT), December 2021

The Economic Value of Bus Services to the Victorian Economy and the Benefits of Expansion in those Services - National Institute of Economic and Industry Research, May 2022

Last Mile Connectivity / MaaS Lite Feasibility Study - PBA Transit Planning, October 2021

Investigation into the Feasibility of Introducing School Routes into PTV Journey Planner - PBA Transit Planning, February 2022

Reducing the Societal Costs of Social Exclusion: An Opportunity for Bus - John Stanley & Janet Stanley, December 2021

Human Resources: A Practical Guide for Bus Operators

BusVic Social Strategies 2021 Survey Summary Report - September 2021

Submission: Economy and Infrastructure Committee Inquiry into Extending School Buses for Use by the Wider Public to Enhance Mobility of Regional and Rural Victorians - C.Lowe - April 2021

Melbourne’s Public Transport Franchising: Lessons for PPPs - John Stanley & David Hensher - Dec 2003

Moving People Victoria - 10 Bus Priorities for Victoria - September 2018

The Australian Bus and Coach Industry’s Response to NDIA’s Supported School Transport Discussion Paper - July 2018

A broader perspective on social outcomes in transport - C. Lowe, John Stanley & Janet Stanley - Elsevier April 2018

Institutional arrangements for greater inter-modality between bicycles and buses: A Melbourne case study - C. Lowe & R. Wright - Elsevier April 2018

Abuse & Assault of Route Bus Drivers - S. Dawson, P. Serafim & C. Lowe - June 2017

Productivity Commission Inquiry into NDIS Costs - C. Lowe & P. Kavanagh - February 2017

Using Government Procurement to Generate Local Jobs and Boost Economic Activity - C. Lowe & P. Kavanagh - February 2017

Driverless vehicles and social implications on the transportation industry - BIC - February 2017

A case for NPBC in bus service procurement - P. Kavanagh - October 2016

Predictors of firm community interaction - Chris Lowe - March 2016

Addressing onboard assaults and driver health - Lowe and Evans - July 2016

The Social Externalities of Australian Bus and Coach Operators: How Governance Affects Community Prosperity - Chris Lowe - February 2016

Moving People - Connecting Neighbourhoods: The 20 minute city - John Stanley, Janet Stanley & Stephen Davis - March 2015

Moving People - Bus Service Contracts, Principles and Guidelines - BIC - February 2012

Moving People: Solutions for a Growing Australia - John Stanley & Simon Barrett

Moving People 2: Solutions for a Liveable Australia - Dec 2012 - Bus Industry Confederation (BIC)

Moving People Victoria - 12 Policy Directions for Victoria - September 2014

Senate Inquiry into Cooperative, Mutual and Member-Owned Firms - June 2015 - C. Lowe

Chasing the Benefit Bus - June 2015 - C. Lowe

ConnectU Social Enterprise - G. Wines, M. Graham, H. Scarborough, J. Stanley & A. Wallis - 2014

The Economic Impact of Proposed New Bus Services in Metropolitan Melbourne - NIEIR - August 2014

The Economic Benefits of Local Bus Manufacture - NIEIR - October 2015

Prevention of Aggression to Bus Drivers - J. Stanley - February 2015

A Review of Mental Health and Well Being of the Bus and Coach Industry - January 2015

Does Size Matter? How Firm Size Affects Social Externalities and Community and Regional Development - February 2015 - C. Lowe

Achieving the 20 Minute City for Melbourne - Turning our city upside down - August 2014 - J. Stanley & J. Stanley

Driver Safety Discussion Paper - 2013 - C. Lowe

2015 Measuring Social Capital Linkage - The Role of the State-based voluntary professional association - June 2015 - C. Lowe

Harmony, Productivity and Informed Decision Making - Jan 2015 - C. Lowe & J. Camm Evans

BAV Metropolitan Planning Strategy Submission - March 2013

Senate Committee Inquiry into Family Business in Australia - November 2012 - Chris Lowe (2mb)

Accessible Public Transport Standards Guide - Bus Industry Confederation - October 2012 (6mb)

Incident Management Guide - June 2012 - Bus Industry Confederation (8mb)

Melbourne Route Bus Contracts – the impact of change from local to non-local ownership – July 2011 – National Institute of Economic and Industry Research

Social Procurement, Social Transit and Social Capital in the Australian Bus Environment: A Recommendation for COAG - Jan 2013 - C. Lowe

The Economic Contribution of the bus industry to Victoria by Local Government Area: Part One – The operational contribution – Feb 2010 – National Institute of Economic and Industry Research

2009 Victorian Bus Industry Survey – September 2009 – Monash University Institute of Transport Studies

The Value of Melbourne’s Route Bus Services – Nov 2010 – John Stanley

Improving Personal Mobility Opportunities in Regional Areas - Dr J.R. Stanley & Professor J.K. Stanley - Monash Sustainability Insitute - June 2012 (5mb)

Delivering trusting partnerships for route bus services: A Melbourne Case Study - John Stanley

Contracting Regimes for bus services: what have we learnt after 20 years? – 2009 – John Stanley & David A. Hensher – Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies – University of Sydney

A National Land Tourism Plan: A Bus Industry Perspective – Friends of Tourism Dinner – Sept 2009 – Chris Lowe (PowerPoint Presentation)

A National Land Tourism Plan: A Bus Industry Perspective – Friends of Tourism Dinner – Sept 2009 – Chris Lowe (Speech)

Horses for Courses Pros and Cons of various service provision models Chris Lowe Melbourne Victoria UITP April 2011 Congress Dubai.ppt

2011 Horses for Courses Pros and cons of various service provision models - Chris Lowe Melbourne Victoria UITP April 2011 Congress.pdf

Metropolitan Route Bus Services: Public or Private Provision? – June 2011 – John Stanley

European Public Transport: Some Trends of Relevance to Australia – April 2011 – John Stanley & Chris Lowe – Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies – University of Sydney

Bus Industry Confederation (BIC) - Industry Position on Seatbelts on Buses - April 2011

Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services - Inquiry into Family Business in Australia - Pitcher Partners - Nov 2012.pdf

Things to consider when buying a bus service contract