Please find below information and video recordings of webinars from the BusVic Webinar Series.

Future Workforce Agenda Webinar - 27th August 2021

Presented by Meredith Bowden & Jack Maclean of Transitioning Well, this webinar is about one of BusVic’s Bus Industry Innovatin Fund (BIIF) projects that looks to provide bus operators, BusVic, government and unions with recommendations about the skills the industry will need in the future and ways to build workforce capability. 

We can’t do all of this without your input.  So we’d like to use this webinar as an opportunity to garner your thoughts.   

At this webinar, the team from Transitioning Well would like to know what you think are the critical uncertainties regarding the future of the bus and coach industry, and what your concerns and hopes for the future are.  We’d also like to outline how you and your teams can be involved in other research activities of this project.  We’d also like to present some preliminary data from our research thus far at this webinar. 

Webinar presentation slides

The team at Transitioning Well would like to know what you think are the critical uncertainties regarding the future of the bus and coach industry, and what your concerns and hopes for the future are.

Expression of Interest Form - for those wishing to participate in the research being done by Transitioning Well.

Critical Uncertainties Form - a questionnaire to help Transitioning Well develop their research questions.

BusVic Social Strategies Committee & Survey Response Webinar - 19th August 2021

Dr Julia Evans, Chair of BusVic’s Social Strategies Committee and Independent Board Member, presented on the purpose of the Committee and shared insights obtained from BusVic’s recent survey of the membership on issues confronting your businesses, your teams, your communities.  The insights are incredible. 

Julia also outlined what your Social Strategies Committee is recommending BusVic does about the issues that have arisen from the survey. 

PDF of webinar presentation

Best Practice Disinfecting & Sanitisation Program for Bus Operators - 12th August 2021

Covid has presented challenges with cleaning and sanitisation to heightened standards. Our multi-surface bus environments combined with our diverse customer base are not conducive to traditional disinfection processes. This has resulted in increased time and labour costs, and some nervousness as to “whether we comply”.

CARE SAFE simplifies these processes to be a standard routine part of our business, whether it be in these threatening times or the old “normal”.

Steve Goudis will discuss Best Practice Disinfection to ensure operators give peace of mind to bus operations, customers such as schools, Deptartments of Health and Departments of Transport.

Late Career Tranisitioning Webinar - 5th August 2021

You don’t need anyone to tell you that the average age of a bus driver is 55 years. But is there more you could be doing to support your ‘older’ workers? When an employer supports their people through their late career and into retirement, it can make all the difference to their mental health and wellbeing.

Rachael Palmer from the Ageing Workforce Ready project advises how we, as employers, could be doing to better.

Performance and Disciplinary Process – Documenting it Properly - 17th June 2021

This webinar presented by Chris Gianatti of KHQ Lawyers follows on from his previous webinar - managing employee performance and disciplinary issues; and separation of employment. Chris guided members through performance and disciplinary processes and how to use the documentation previously provided.

New Casual Employment Laws Webinar - 6th May 2021

This webinar focused on new casual employment laws brought about by the passing of the Fair Work Amendment Act 2021. 

Peter Kavanagh discussed the scope of changes the Act has brought about, what employers need to do differently in respect of recruitment and retention processes, the new template letters that have been developed for members’ use and, general suggestions for compliance to the Acts provisions. 

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