United in Purpose

Victoria’s private bus operators have long understood the need to work together to improve industry conditions and the level of service provided to their passengers.

The Bus Association Victoria Inc. began as part of a combined goods and passenger organisation formed in 1944 as a result of a merger of the Master Carriers’ Association of Victoria and the Commercial Motor Users’ Association.

The new organisation called the Victorian Road Transport Association comprised three passenger operator divisions: the Road Passenger Service Operators (long distance and country operators), Omnibus Operators (metropolitan and suburban) and Motor Coach Services (charter and tours)

Within three years however the RPSO division believed that the needs of passenger operators were “so entirely different from those of the vast majority of the members of the VRTA…that separate action became necessary”. Separate action meant the creation of a new association and an umbrella body, which ultimately led, in 1953 to the Road Passenger Service Operators Association becoming the sole representative body for bus owners throughout Victoria.

By 1960 there were 443 member of the association operating 1842 vehicles; in 1965, there were 582 members with 2182 buses and coaches; by 2000 the figures had reached 740 members and 4600 buses.

In 1969 the name of the association was changed to the Bus Proprietors’ Association (Vic) and changed again in 1996 to Bus Association Victoria inc.

Changing government attitudes, the push for improved industrial conditions, new community expectations and the ups and downs of the economic environment have all required BusVic to act in the best interest of its members.

BusVic is committed to serving the interests of the community and its members. It will provide opportunities for members to:

  • Maximise profitability and long term security.
  • Maintain positive public perceptions of safety, reliability efficiency and ethical conduct.
  • Retain community service values in the delivery of Road passenger operations.

And by maximising its membership will consequently enhance the public image of the industry through its activities.

As a not for profit industry representative body BusVic needs non-membership income in order to meet the growing challenges associated with ensuring a resilient operating environment and industry reinvestment.

BusVic's commercial entities include:

Road Safety Inspections: 

RSI is an industry-owned licensed bus and taxi inspection and registration service. With state-of-the-art inspection facilities and advanced mobile braking and suspension testing trailers.

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Bus Parts Plus: 

Formerly BusSales, Bus Parts Plus has been an industry-owned supplier of spare parts and accessories for over 45 years. Operated on BusVic’s behalf by CMV Truck and Bus in Laverton, Bus Parts Plus is able to provide members with extremely competitive prices due to its buying capability. Bus Parts Plus can satisfy operator’s spare parts and accessories needs, including the rarest of widgets, in a friendly and fast manner. Bus Parts Plus can supply all makes and models suspension, tyres, wiper blades, pivots, arms, links, motor cranks, electric motors, keylocks, cleaning products, seats and cushions, fire extinguishers, mirrors, lights, rubbers, toilets plus a vast array of external and internal fittings.

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BusCover is simply a brand that represents your Association's endeavours to commend insurance products and services to its members. As of 1 April 2013, SURA Australian Bus & Coach became BAV's insurance partner and we encourage BAV members to talk to SURA for all their insurance arrangements because SURA are a sponsor of BAV. SURA is an underwriter and provides its products through appropriately licensed insurance intermediaries and ABCU is strongly affiliated with all bus and coach industry representative bodies in Australia. SURA have been insuring plenty of BAV members for over thirty years.

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Bus Foundation: 

Launched in 2012, the Bus Foundation aims to: acknowledge and recognise an operator’s involvement with their industry representative body and their contribution to the industry; raise awareness of significant bus industry social issues; create a lasting asset for the operator community; make it easy for operators to contribute and see the results of their donations and; provide an opportunity for the industry to plan for its own needs and aspirations. The overriding objective of the Foundation is to provide financial assistance to BusVic’s members and past members who may be in need of assistance due to a variety of reasons.

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