Bus Industry Wellness


Bus Industry Wellness

BusVic commends to its members and the wider transport industry a suite of products listed below to assist you to increase the industry's competitiveness, productivity and the wellbeing of its personnel.

Making Health and Wellness a Strategic Priority: A Guide for Operators and Senior Leaders

A healthy and safe workplace is everyone’s responsibly with operators and senior leaders playing a critical role in creating a culture and driving policies and practices that promote health, wellness and safety.

This Guide is for operators and senior leaders and aims to provide practical hints and tips on how to make health, wellness and safety a strategic priority. If you are a single operator working rurally, a mid-sized firm servicing a region or a large operator in the city, there will be something in these Guides that will suit your needs and budget for your entire workforce.

Operators Guide

Managing Wellness in the Workplace: A Guide for Managers

Managers and supervisors are often the first to know and notice health, wellness and safety issues. While health and safe workplace is everyone’s responsibly, managers and supervisors are essential in helping everyone understand the benefits of participating and contributing to a healthy workplace.

This Guide is for managers and supervisors. It presents some ideas on how to manage health and wellness in the workplace and best support employees – from those who work in administration, customer service, in the workshop, the refuelers and cleaners through to bus chaperones and our bus drivers.

Managers Guide

Ideas and Resources for Improving Health and Wellness

This Guide is divided into six sections. It starts with an overview of health, wellness and productivity in our industry. This is followed by ideas and resources across five major areas:

  1. Health and Fitness,
  2. Driver Safety,
  3. Skills and Support,
  4. Sense of Belonging and
  5. Workplace Responsibility.

Implementing one or two ideas across these five major areas may start a conversation that could have long term impact on improving health, wellness and productivity.

Ideas & Resources Guide

Additional Resources

A3 Poster

Pocket Guide

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

We are very pleased to announce BusVic has entered into an arrangement with Converge International, an EAP provider, so BusVic members and their teams/families state-wide can get assistance with critical incident response, organisational development consultancy, OHS psychological risk and team assessments, pastoral care, career transition and outplacement support, conflict resolution and mediation. 

Converge uses a number of different delivery modes to suit the varying needs of individuals. These include: face to face counselling, telephone counselling, zoom, online, video counselling, live chat, web portal, EAP Connect app. 

Converge will occasionally receive requests for additional sessions from either the member or their employee.  Converge undertakes a comprehensive ‘case review’ process prior to the approval of further sessions to ensure that the intervention is appropriate and warranted within the scope of the EAP service delivery model and contract arrangements.

Will strongly recommend members call on Converge for assistance for themselves, their staff and families, particularly in these very difficult times. 

BusVic will review its arrangement with Converge at the end of June 2021. 

Please see below for Converge International contact details and services :

Career Assist flyer

Conflict Assist

Employee Assist flyer

Family Assist flyer

Manager Assist flyer

Money Assist flyer

Nutrition & Lifestyle Assist flyer

The Bus Industry Wellness Taskforce

Established in early 2015, the Bus Industry Wellness Taskforce with the purpose to commend a suite of ideas to BAV members that they can introduce into their own workplaces that might improve the health, wellbeing and safety of their employees and the productivity of the industry.

The 2015 Taskforce members were:

— Dr Julia Evans (Chair)
— Ashlee Loveridge, Buslink Sunraysia
— Elke Peters, Ventura
— Ingrid Ozols, mh@work® (mental health at work)
— Dr Janet Stanley, The University of Melbourne’s Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute
— Marcelle Davis, CDC Victoria
— Rebecca Christian, Christian Bus Co.
— Rhonda Renwick, Latrobe Valley Bus Line
— Robert Wright, Moreland Bus and South Coast Bus
— Rochelle Dickason and Greg Deacon, Dysons
— Chris Lowe and Peter Kavanagh, BusVic


The information in the Guides and resources are not a substitute for medical advice, nor is it to be used for diagnosis and treatment.

You, or anyone you are concerned about, are encouraged to seek professional advice and treatment from General Practitioners and/or qualified practitioners and providers in specific cases of need. If you or the person you are concerned about appear at risk of self-harm or harm to others, please seek immediate professional assistance.

When seeking professional advice, ensure the practitioners are qualified, accredited, registered and members of the peak representative bodies, such as the The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and/or The Australian Medical Association, The Australian Psychological Society and The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatry.

The Bus Association Victoria Inc. makes no guarantees, representations or warranties in relation to this Guide or the information and materials provided within this Guide. The Bus Association Victoria Inc. will not be liable in relation to the contents or use or otherwise in connection with this Guide. The Bus Association Victoria Inc. has aimed to source reputable organisations as examples and potential resources for this Guide but does not represent, nor have any commercial agreements, with them.