2020 BusVic Women on Board

Sponsored by
Volvo Bus Australia and CMV Truck & Bus

Date: Friday 13th November, 2020
Time: 9.00am - 12:00pm

With thanks to Volvo/CMV, this year’s Women on Board seminar will be held as an on-line webinar, from 9am to 12 noon Friday 13th November.  All industry personnel are welcome to attend.  

This year’s topic is The Age Difference.  

This year can best be summed up in one word – ‘unprecedented’. From severe drought, bushfires, and COVID-19, every aspect of our lives has been touched in some way. Business survival, community recovery, and concerns for the future workforce are increasingly becoming top of mind. 

The seminar sessions will explore the future workforce more closely and the why and ways businesses need to adapt to the next generation and ageing workforce. 

The sessions will be recorded and posted to the BusVic website after the event.  

To prime participants for the event, delegates should view the video on the 100 Year Life before attending the event  https://youtu.be/6utvj_Awq3Q

Registration is essential via the button below:   


Women on Board Flyer


Julia Evans
Anna Tyben
Latrobe Valley Bus Lines
Rachael Palmer
Transitioning Well
Ashima Mehta


Session One

9:00amWelcome – Julia Evans
Overview of webinar basics, how to ask questions and warm up exercise, and webinar theme – Julia Evans
Welcome from sponsor – David Mead, Volvo
9.30amPresentation – Ashima Mehta - Australian Super
Trends/data on superannuation facing millennials through to retirees.
  • Trends in digital use of our website/app between Millennials and Planners.
  • Behavioural differences between Millennials and Planners with switching investment options,
  • contributing extra money.
  • Covid-19 early release update and trends with Millennials vs Planners.
  • How BusVic Member’s employees compare to the above trends and behaviours.
9:45amWorkshop – Ageing Workforce Ready – Rachael Palmer, Transitioning Well
In this session, Rachael will outline the reality of an ageing workforce and debunking myths about mature-age workers; discuss what makes a workforce ‘ageing ready’ through the Ageing Workforce Pillars; present emerging themes and insights for bus companies, the Maturity of Practice results from the Ageing Workforce Ready Project; and share how Ageing Workforce Ready is your company.
Audience Q&A – Julia
10:30amBreak – Participants can either stay online, or log back in for the second session.

Session Two

11:00amPanel – Millennials and the Future Workforce
Introductions – Julia Evans
Panel facilitator – Anna Tyben, Latrobe Valley Bus Lines
Young members from the industry to discuss:
  • What does it mean to be a millennial?
  • Why are millennials important, and a challenge?
  • What has 2020 meant to millennials?
  • What workplaces and leadership styles do we thrive in?
  • Strategies for making the most of the millennial workforce?
  • Audience Q&A
11.50amWrap up of key learnings – Julia Evans
Vote of thanks – Chris Lowe, BusVic