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Electronic access to the BusVic Accreditation Help Kit, including guidance material:

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The BusVic Accreditation Help Kit has been developed as a guide by Bus Association Victoria Inc. for the use and benefit of its members since 2012, and to assist in developing a safe bus travel culture throughout the bus industry. 

The Bus Safety Act 2009 and the Bus Safety Regulations 2020 requires bus operators to be accredited, unless they are exempt under the Regulations.  This Help Kit is designed to assist entities to meet the minimum Bus Safety Victoria (BSV) documentation requirements in order to gain and maintain accreditation under the Bus Safety Act 2009, including their Management Information System (MIS) and Management Maintenance System (MMS).  The information may require modification or additional information to suit your particular bus operation.

Please note that this product includes the Accreditation Help Kit ONLY (no support). If you want further support or assistance with your MIS/MMS, please refer to our other product option HERE.


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It is very important to understand that completing or adapting the set of sample documents provided in this Help Kit does not in itself guarantee that BSV will grant or maintain accreditation, or that the resulting MIS and MMS will automatically be accepted as a compliant document system for your bus operation, by BSV.

However, we intend that the sample system that has been developed and presented here, that has been adopted by most of our members, and which is heavily based on BSV guidance and case study material should, if completed according to the directions given, enable entities to meet the minimum BSV requirements for BSA accreditation.

All sample documents and suggestions are presented in good faith following analysis and clarification of guidance and case study materials produced by BSV, and discussion and feedback from many member operators about their suitability and usefulness.

However, they are still generic sample documents and are not legal advice in respect of the matter, thing or issue they purport to cover. The use of any of the sample documents does not guarantee that BSV will accept them without further modifications which in their opinion are appropriate to your particular bus operation.

Notice on Terms and Conditions; BusVic Privacy Policy and Copyright

The BusVic Website Terms and Conditions and privacy Policy apply.

In accordance with those Terms and Conditions, you can use and reproduce the Help Kit guidance and sample documents to create your own MIS and MMS, but not for any other purpose.

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