DATE: Friday 2nd December 2022

TIME: 9:00am registration for a 9:30am start

VENUE: RACV Club Melbourne - 501 Bourke St, Melbourne


The theme for this 2022’s All Aboard event was Driving Inclusion.

Developments and challenges of the past few years have highlighted challenges faced by the most vulnerable, at risk, and disadvantaged within our communities. In addition to this, the bus industry has now embarked on a social procurement regime that aims to shape an inclusive economy that engages minority populations and the disadvantaged. Bus operators are looking to innovate ways that meet these demands, as well as being inclusive of the communities we serve. This year’s All Board event explores the role and what the industry can offer Indigenous Australians and youth at risk. 

This event will help operators and their teams with:

  • Creating awareness of current workplace attitudes and practices that act as barriers and identify opportunities for improvement. 
  • Identifying risk management strategies, resources, and expertise available to help operators and their teams.


Keynote speaker - Rhiannon Tracey

While many may let a life-changing injury hold them back from living their dreams, Rhiannon Tracey has used it as further motivation to create a life she loves, helping and inspiring thousands along the way. In 2009, a spinal cord injury changed Rhiannon’s world instantly. After a diving accident in Bali at the age of 20, Rhiannon was diagnosed as a C-5 quadriplegic and told she would never walk again.  But she’s not one to take “no” for an answer. Rhiannon Tracey has since founded The Next Step, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing the best recovery, and rehabilitation options in Australia. They work to help those living with SCI (spinal cord injuries) and other neurological disorders to achieve their goals and educate them on what’s possible. Already doing more in her 31 years than many hope to achieve in a lifetime, Rhiannon  Tracey gives her audience a wide range of education around inclusion, access, and disability etiquette. As she was an able-bodied person for 21 years of her live, she has lived on both sides, understanding the perspective of those with and without disability. She will change your perspective on life, like she has with countless others.





Welcome – Julia Evans
Acknowledgement of Country and programme overview - Julia Evans


Session 1: Indigenous Australians 


Morning Tea


Session 2: Youth at Risk
Most of our communities are impacted by at risk youths, many of whom have been further displaced and disadvantaged as a result of the pandemic. This session considers how operators could increase pathways to increase valued engagement with young people through work opportunities and local community organisations.

 12:00pmPre-Luncheon Canapes

Luncheon and keynote presentations

Mikeala Stafrace & Charlotte Dillon
Mikaela Stafrace, Founder and CEO of Woman CAN Australia on their partnership with Charlotte Dillon, General Manager, Housing for the YWCA Australia that houses, trains, and finds employment for disadvantaged women. 

Rhiannon Tracey (see bio above)


 Event Close