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Bus Operator Membership

Membership shall be open to any person, partnership, firm or company accredited under the Public Transport Competition Act 1995 to operate a road transport passenger service (scheduled or non-scheduled) within the state of Victoria and to operators of hire and drive omnibuses under the Transport Act or any corresponding enactment.

 Accredited Operator / Registered Operator Membership Application Form

 Member Benefits / Association History - For the information of new and prospective members, this is a summary of some of the aims, activities, and services offered by the Association

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Associate Membership

Association membership may be granted, at the discretion of Council, to persons, firms or organisations directly or indirectly connected with the Industry (including operators of private omnibuses) and who as such are interested in promoting the objects of the Association, upon such terms and conditions as the Council may determine.

 Associate Membership Application Form

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BusVic Partnership

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Association Code Of Ethics

This Code of Ethics ("The Code") has been prepared and adopted by the Bus Association Victoria Inc ("BAV"). The Code governs the conduct of all BAV members and many of the provisions of the Code are a re-statement of principles and practices which have been observed by BAV members for many years.

 Code of Ethics.pdf

Association Rules

If accepted for Membership, members are bound to and must abide to the Association Rules.

 BAV Rules - September 2018 onwards.pdf

If you are interested in becoming a Member with the Bus Association Victoria, please contact the office on Ph: +61 3 9645 3300 for further information and assistance.