Our People


Chris Lowe
Executive Director

Peter Kavanagh
Director Member Services and Government Relations

Ivars Ozols
Financial Controller

Parry Serafim
General Manager Network Planning & Public Policy

Asher Judah
General Manager Industry Development

Stuart Dawson
Accreditation Liaison Manager

Keith Foote
Special Projects

Lauren Bradford
Membership Officer

Mary Main
Executive Assistant

Simon Craig
Operator Data Officer

Michael Kennedy
Program Leader

Lisa Muston
Tourism Industry Development Manager



Dominic Sita (President)

Campbell Christian (Vice President)

Brad Sanders (Vice President)

Shane Dyson

Jerome Haoust

Sam Lucas

Peter Pickering

Robert Wright



Road Safety Inspections

Brett Gibbs
Operations Manager

Kaye Keogh
Customer Service Administrator

Chloe Dobing
Customer Service Administrator

BAV Finance

Brett Collins
Finance Director

Stephen Guille
Finance Sales Manager

Emily Moeller
Finance Assistant



All media enquiries should be writing. Please email: media@busvic.asn.au


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Port Melbourne VIC 3207

PO Box 125
Port Melbourne VIC 3207

Tel: +61 3 9645 3300
Fax: +61 3 9645 4455

Internet: www.busvic.asn.au
Email: buses@busvic.asn.au