Get There DRT is an app that enables customers to purchase demand responsive transport options including point to point and shared rides.  The app is being launched in late 2019/early 2020 in regional Victoria and will expand state-wide then onto other parts of the world later in 2020.  Whether you need a taxi, a ride-share, or a small bus, Get There DRT has the solution. 

Get There DRT is a wholly-owned subsidiary of a Victorian transport member-based organisation and is run as a social enterprise – for the members, by the members.  Get There DRT is a way for established bus operators to increase the depth and breadth of transport services they offer to the communities in which they operate. 

Get There DRT will eventually provide transport services that enables an integrated personal transit network across all modes of transport: including public transport, taxis, ride-sourcing, community transport, school transport, and health care transport (excluding high care patients). The flexible operational and pricing structure of DRT presents an opportunity for established accredited transport safety professionals to provide tailored transport services to meet the access needs of the broader community including those who have trouble finding transport fares. 

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