Free WiFi Trial on Selected Route Buses
Bus Association Victoria is involved in coordinating a trial of free Wi-Fi on a small number of its members’ route buses, on 8 routes only, selected to test the viability of the selected hardware and connectivity.

The trial is being managed by Telstra Air. A copy of their answers to the most frequently asked questions appears below.

About TRIP Wi-Fi
TRIP Wi-Fi is an industry led service providing free Wi-Fi to commuters, we aim to provide a great online experience so you can enjoy what you want to do online during your commute.

Enjoy (100MB or Unlimited) Data Daily –Split 50/50 across trial buses
During the trial on this bus users can enjoy (100MB or unlimited) internet data, per device, per day. This is data limit may change without prior notice. This service is for a limited time with no guarantees on performance.

Advert Free
During the trial on this bus, there will be no sponsored content, advertisements, newsletters or other promotions. You can connect to the internet simply and easily with a few clicks.

Limited Time
This service is for a limited time with no guarantees on performance.

We Welcome Your Feedback
We are trialling this service to learn more about what is important to commuters and how to provide the best online user experience. We’ll be asking you to complete some short surveys as you go. We’ll keep it short and sweet so you can get onto the internet quickly. These surveys are important for both of us as your feedback will assist us determine what service is provided in the future. You may be offered the opportunity to participate in paid research.

Your feedback is important to us and we respect your privacy. Trip Wi-Fi will use this to develop features and functionality of the service. Signing into Trip Wi-Fi is an agreement to our terms of use. The surveys we run are opt-in to help us improve the service.

Terms of Use
By using Trip Wi-Fi you agree that use of this trial service is at your own risk. While this service is great for catching up and relaxing during your commute, don’t use it for anything important (like internet banking, share trading or remote surgery) or for work.

As part of this service, we’ll ask you some general questions which cannot be used to identify you individually, so don’t worry, we won’t be collecting your personal information.

This service is unencrypted and public, so please be careful and don’t use it for anything sensitive or confidential.

Trip Wi-Fi is provided to you, by us at Telstra Corporation Limited.